Arg (Persian) – Ealing

By Aku Fu

Arg is a Persian restaurant in West Ealing that’s owned by an Iranian family who used to run a Persian supermarket in its place only a mere three months ago.

Surrounded by a handful of other Persian-style restaurants all a stones throw from each other, this place is a typical traditional Iranian restaurant.

Its decor suggests that they’ve made an effort, with a protruding 3D sandcastle affixed to the wall which, oddly enough, altogether fails to add much atmosphere.

We had the aubergine starter, the Mirza Ghasemi, but a bit different in that it came with Naan that turned out to be a bit sour.

Not sure if the dough was old, but we later asked and were told that that’s how it’s meant to be!

Apparently, they add yeast and other ingredients to make it that way.


Makhsoos – Skewer of barg kabab plus skewer of koobideh served with steamed saffron rice and grilled tomato, £12.50

For mains we had the Makhsoos with Barg and Kaboodeh Kebabs, Cube Steak Kebabs, and the Lamb Shank Polow.

The former came with rice and some salad, while the polow (below) came with some stew soup to presumably add to the rice, which helps since I sometimes find Persian BBQ food to be quite dry.


Baghali Polow Mahicheh – Slow cooked lamb shank come with fresh dill and shelled broad beans and saffron rice, £10.00

arg-persian-west-ealingIn general, it was stock standard Persian food, and nothing I haven’t had a dozen times before.

Nonetheless, it was sufficient, but nothing that I’d really come back for unfortunately.

The lady who served us was helpful and attentive, and gave us the service of a family owned place.

If anything, it’s a place worth going to once if you’re passing by and can’t decide on where else to go.

We ended the evening with free Persian tea, which was a fragrant loose-leaf tea, that was enjoyed by everyone.

Although it tasted to me like Herbal Twinings, we asked for the name of the brand: Do Ghazal Tea (see images below).

The final bill came to around £45 for three mains, a starter and drinks.

159 Uxbridge Rd,
London W13 9AU

T: +44 (0)20 8579 9500 | W: | E:

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 11:30 – 23:30

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