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FtL brings you the best of the Halal culinary scene

Five websites where you can order your Halal turkey and have it delivered directly to your door.

Nominees: Chai Wu, Drunch, GTR, Horapha, Laz Camden, Mamounia Lounge, Mesa Kitchen, Talli Joe, Zayane.

Shortlisted nominees are: Chai Naasto, Chai Wu, Drunch, Mamounia Lounge, Talli Joe, & Zheng.

Shortlisted nominees: Aurous, Drunch, Mesa Kitchen, Rickshaw Rick's, Tarshish (Sponsors: Smoky Boys).

(15% OFF CODE) From classic Cola Bottles, Gummy Bears, & Sour Snakes to Marshmallows & Jelly Beans.

A soup kitchen that operates every Thursday 7-8pm in Bradford and Monday 7-8pm in Keighley.