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FtL brings you the best of the Halal culinary scene

Nominees: Chai Wu, Drunch, Grand Trunk Road, Mamounia Lounge, Mesa Kitchen, Talli Joe, & Zelman Meats.

Our 5 nominees: Salaam Namaste, Chilli Spice, Grand Trunk Road, Scene, & Tabahi Karahi.

Our 5 nominees are: Chai Naasto, Drunch, Mesa Kitchen, Rickshaw Rick's, & Zheng.

Our 5 shortlisted nominees are: Kilikya's, Mesa Kitchen, Skewd, Tarshish x2.

Our 5 nominees are: Chai Wu, Drunch, Kilikya's, Le Madison, & Zelman Meats.

Our 5 nominees are: Band of Burgers, The Banc, GBK, Mesa Kitchen, & Zelman Meats.