An impressive fully Halal food menu of "A+ steak and beef from T-Bone to Kobe Beef".

Having opened their third in Birmingham recently in September, this one is launching at 11am.

Street food that's been inspired by the iconic Bombay stall Bademiya’s.

With the menu inspired by India's railways, FtL readers can also grab a complimentary drink.

This is the "healthy" kebab franchise's 28th UK venue, with eight more planned.

To celebrate its 22nd opening, they're giving away 100 mezze platters for two.

Opening at 9am, there's all-day breakfasts as well as grab-and-go sandwiches.

With Halal chicken on the menu, they're also offering a 50% off soft opening discount.

This is the Italian brand's third restaurant with Halal being catered for.

A fully Halal cafe that's offering all-weekend breakfast in bed delivery service.