Hand-pressed gourmet burgers and pizzas cooked at 900 degrees and in under 180 secs!

A fairly extensive menu with "gourmet" burgers, pizzas, stir-fries, and more.

Opening today at 4pm with plenty of options that include a dessert bar too.

That's two dessert parlours that have opened within a space of a week.

An ambitious menu which, apart from the obvious, serves traditional Falooda and six types of Kanafah.

A fully Halal eatery that offers a menu of grilled food and more.

This place is hoping to at least outlast its three predecessors.

Fully Halal chicken inspired by recipes from the Deep South of America in particular New Orleans.

The wait is over for Manchester! A fully Halal premium steakhouse with minimum grade-5 Wagyu!

Located next door to Chaiiwala, they're offering a menu that's short and sweet.