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Exclusive discounts and offers right here with Feed the Lion

Ostrich, Llama, Buffalo & more - exotic steaks cooked by the diner on preheated volcanic rock!

Significant improvements saw our second visit to be far more memorable than the first.

This new "gourmet" burger establishment in Bayswater offers a couple of fairly unique dishes.

Rated 2/5 in our first review, they were anxious to impress following a recent change of management.

Closer attention to detail allows Khatoon to stand above the many Persian restaurants out there.

BAM! With a dope 70s theme & dynomite burgers, this place is smooth & gravy!

"Authentic Malaysian home-cooked food", so expect homely food at this humble eatery.

Currently only the chicken is halal with kosher hot dogs. The ingredients simple. The cooking honest.

Visit for their unique dining experience with all the theatre of the Teppanyaki cooking style.