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Keep up to date with news of the latest restaurant openings

With Feed the Lion at the forefront of bringing you breaking news of the latest Halal and Halal-friendly restaurants to open (including exclusive soft opening discounts), be sure to bookmark this page and keep up to date.



This chicken chain opens in Leicester city centre's Granby Street.

Plenty of HMC-approved, American-style burgers served on Evington Road.

Featuring a Masgouf corner where an ancient cooking method will be used for cooking fish.

With seating available across two floors, the menu is quintessentially Turkish.

They offer a large menu consisting of classic regional dishes and more.

Grand opening at 4pm with free candy floss hot chocolate or latte for customers.



Located in Birmingham's Ladypool Road, the grand opening will be at 3pm.

Located on Cannon Street Road in East London's Whitechapel.

An impressive fully Halal food menu of "A+ steak and beef from T-Bone to Kobe Beef".

Having opened their third in Birmingham recently in September, this one is launching at 11am.

With the menu inspired by India's railways, FtL readers can also grab a complimentary drink.


Street food that's been inspired by the iconic Bombay stall Bademiya’s.

This is the "healthy" kebab franchise's 28th UK venue, with eight more planned.

To celebrate its 22nd opening, they're giving away 100 mezze platters for two.

Opening at 9am, there's all-day breakfasts as well as grab-and-go sandwiches.

With Halal chicken on the menu, they're also offering a 50% off soft opening discount.

This is the Italian brand's third restaurant with Halal being catered for.


The restaurant's head chef has trained alongside celebrity chef Gordon Ramsey!

Expect cronuts, donuts, cakes, croissants, muffins, pastries, bagels, breads and more.

A dessert parlour that's "probably the smallest dessert shop in the North"!

This will be the dessert parlours' 75th store with plans of opening nine more.


A fully Halal menu of karak tea and coffee, flavoured parathas and chapatis, and more.

An Indian restaurant established upon the increasingly popular build-your-own dish concept.

A "premium gourmet burger" restaurant with a unique "build your own" burger option.

The chef behind Michelin-starred Tamarind has now created a fully Halal food menu.

This is the "Halal friendly" brands 10th dessert restaurant with more on the way.

An exotic 180-cover restaurant with a fully Halal food menu.


This is the "Halal friendly" brands 10th dessert restaurant with more on the way.

They cater for Halal beef and chicken with a variety of burgers including vegan.

Chaiiwala now boasts 14 stores with plans of opening nine more.

Ping Pan-Asian opens in London's flagship store and in Manchester's Trafford Centre.

Karamay in Leicester UK’s first Halal Chinese hotpot restaurant

With biryanis for just £3.50 each, you'd be mad not to give this place a go.


Yamo Mediterranean Grill & Mezze is a Turkish restaurant with Syrian roots.

An exciting menu from a talented chef whose gone out of his way to cater for Halal.

The fully Halal American-style diner also offers a slick online takeaway website.

This is the franchise's 22nd UK venue, with plans of opening 14 more!

With 4 types of chicken and 13 flavours, the restaurant will be facing stiff competition.

This is the franchise's 21st UK venue, 11th London branch, with plans for seven more.


Share our Instagram post with a friend to redeem the discount at Swindon.

A restaurant that says it serves "the best tasting prawns in the world".

An innovative burger menu and super fries that actually sound exciting.

Finally, a fully Halal restaurant that offers four choices of the famous ramen dish.

A fully Halal, pan-Asian takeaway joint that offers Ramen among other exciting dishes.

The march continues for Treatz with their fourth London branch.


Former Michelin chef Marco Pierre White brings you a fully Halal food menu.

The Steak Restaurant launches its second venue on Haven Green with the same Halal menu.

With 60 across the Middle East and N. America, they're now in London's Kensington, Paddington & Brixton!

Following high profile visits of Anthony Joshua and Moeen Ali, they're now ready to open.

Located on Normanton Road, this noodle bar restaurant is also HMC-certified.

A menu of burgers, wraps, shakes, waffles, donuts, churros, and lots of colour.


With typical hot & cold mezes, wraps, charcoal-grilled dishes and a vegetarian Special Menu.

At 5pm today, you'll be served dosas, thalis, an array of chaats, kebabs, and Indo-Chinese food.

Located in Shoreditch, enjoy 'vurgers' made from vegetables, seeds, nuts, grains and legumes.

While this is the Lebanese restaurant chain's 22nd branch, find out where their next one will be opening.

This is the gourmet burger franchise's fifth London branch and the second in the North.

And grab a FREE dober kebab along with the chance of meeting the heavyweight champion.


30% off the first visit (valid 31st March). All meat is Halal including Australian Wagyu (BMS 8-9).

They offer a large and varied menu that combines traditional Anatolian cooking methods with the modern.

Combining the flavours of Caribbean and African cuisine. But, find out where their fourth location will be.

GDK's 14th UK branch, with plans of opening nine others, including 2 more in Scotland.

With a Biryani Bar and specialising in Indian wraps, this is their sixth London branch.

Getting everyone to “Build Your Own” burgers, fries, shakes, and more, all in a laid back space.


Suya is a type of spiced, skewered shish kebab grilled on an open flame. Fully Halal!

Specialising in the tradition of wok cooking, all five branches cater for Halal chicken.

Located in Stokes Croft, they appear to be aiming for the authentic flavours of the region.

Situated down Piazza Walk, this cafe is offering a fusion of Middle Eastern and European cuisine.

This branch in Gerrards Cross is the Halal meat supplier's 10th with two others on the way.

Expect Greek and Lebanese classics that include traditional mezzes and grilled meats, as well as vegan dishes.



With an extended 20% discount until April 2018 and a concise menu with all your favourites.

Having partnered with Henley Ice Cream, this 100+ seater dessert parlour is out to impress.

DIY all-aged steaks on 400-degree hot stones has been introduced to South Croydon.

Asian fusion grillhouse that's HMC-certified and offering a 25% discount until 15th January.

A fully Halal restaurant that specialises in premium Halal Argentinian Steaks, among other things.

With one branch already established in Park Lane, the second is far larger with 20 tables.


The award winning restaurant offers a wide selection of steaks from Scotland’s award winning AA farmers.

An EXCLUSIVE 50% off opening week discount for all FtL readers. See inside for more details.

This Lebanese Restaurant & Bakery has 57 menu items and plenty of competition in the area,

That's a soft launch followed by a half launch before concluding with an official launch in December.

Said to be Wolverhampton's "very first steak, pizza and gourmet burger restaurant".

Fusing INdian cooking with the ease of a burrITO, this is their second London branch.


It offers seven "gourmet burgers" and a number of chicken meals including a Sunday Roast.

A 150-seater restaurant that offers Turkish and Mediterranean cuisine.

That's 'Himalayan dry-aged steaks' along with burgers, seafood and other food items.

This is their 9th branch with, we've been told, "lots of new stores opening in the next 3 months".

That's 50% off for the first 3 days (1 person per meal) so hurry on down to Sunnyhill Road.

But hurry, this giveaway next Wednesday at 4pm is on a first-come first-served basis.


It offers a fully Halal food menu with an intriguing selection of dishes from the region.

This Indian restaurant currently caters for Halal chicken, with plenty of other options too.

"Eat Fresh, Eat Fine, Eat Fernando's". If you love chicken, then this is the place to visit.

Though not Halal, Waka offers fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine with no risk of cross-contamination.

Apart from burgers and steaks, there's over 100 dishes from the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.

Similar to its first branch in Soho, Hoppers St. Christopher’s Place will serve Halal lamb and chicken.


With Halal Chicken on the menu, P.F. Chang's first UK site has plenty of options to choose from.

Mile End will soon be Teazed with "gourmet" burgers, steaks, hot dogs, breakfasts and more.


This is the franchise's 21st UK venue, 11th London branch, with plans for seven more.

Enjoy wagyu steaks uniquely cooked off on a salt rock bed and quirky burgers.

Stone baked pizzas & hand-crafted burgers served at the Leisure Exchange in the heart of Bradford City Centre.

An international food menu that's fully Halal with gluten-free & vegetarian options.

A "fine eating restaurant" that offers "contemporary culinary delights" with a 30% discount offer for July.

After serving burgers in East London's Whitechapel for almost 3 years, they've now opened in Ilford.


Shrimoyee Chakraborty opens her second Calcutta-inspired Bengali restaurant.

Expect Indian home-style food, cooked with passion at the top floor of Kingly Court.

Expect to be served punchy Indian-British fusion food with lots of spice, colour and aroma.

Tibits new Bankside branch will offer an all-vegetarian menu everyday other than Vegan Tuesday.


EXCLUSIVE: Pre-order Halal with 48-hours notice and with no risk of cross-contamination.

Their new Mile End branch in East London offers a beautiful view of the Canal.

Opening at 17:30 today, this grill and steak place seems smart and refined.


A "modern interpretation of Fine Dining" that's now open on Poplar High Street.

An all-in-one fishmonger and restaurant that serves the freshest seafood dishes.

A seafood restaurant that revolves around the 'trash' of the trawler men.

Healthy Vegan and Veg dishes, including Halal chicken, as well as breakfasts and weekend brunches.

A street food-inspired menu that takes you on a culinary journey of India.


This Pan-Asian's cooking inspiration revolves around the translation of its name - 'fire'

The Science of Burgology launches its gourmet burgers on East London's Ilford Lane.

Inspired by the American diners across the shore, this place promises "gourmet" burgers and much more.

James Durrant to open at The Stafford London. Halal available with 24 hours notice.


Set menus created using a Honey BBQ "secret marinade" and ready for order online.

Bea Vo, owner of Stax & Boondocks, will be opening her third restaurant in Camden.

This world renowned pizzeria from Naples, Italy, opens its second branch in London after 147 years.


The team behind India’s biggest food festival, The Grub Fest, launches a new Indian tapas restaurant in London’s Fitzrovia.

Months after their 2nd, Crosstown have opened a 3rd Doughnuts & Coffee bar in Camden Stables Market.



The House of Ho is a stylish Vietnamese restaurant in Camden that caters for Halal chicken.


Neil Rankin launches temper in Soho that will cater for at least 8 people with 2 days notice for pre-ordering Halal.

James Cochran to launch his first London restaurant and aptly named, James Cochran Restaurant.

Perilla's a new restaurant in Newington Green where all Halal "dietary requirements are asked about before booking".


Dhruv Mittal, formerly of Hibiscus, and The Fat Duck, launches Telugu eatery DUM Biryani House in Soho.