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Delicious recipes exclusively contributed by chefs from all walks of life

Amanda Saab of US Masterchef fame contributes an exclusive Blood Orange Curd Tart recipe.

Chef Chris 'Burgista Bros' Large let's us in on some chefy secrets in making the perfect burger!

Australian MasterChef 2012 contestant Amina Elshafei offers an exclusive recipe from her recently published cookbook, Amina’s Kitchen.

A Shrimp and Mirliton Stuffed Flounder with Warm Potato Salad by US-based Bilal 'The Halal' Chef

Chef Nahid, aka Nahid Hussain, presents his version of The Ultimate Burger

A mouthwatering Shrimp and Filet Alfredo recipe kindly contributed by the owner of London D’s Catering, Chef Ebony from the US.