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Reviews (UK)

Feed the Lion brings you the most comprehensive reviews of what’s hot and trending across the UK’s Halal culinary scene

Their recently opened second London branch in Wembley is off to a steady start.

Named after a 14th century Chinese explorer, the fusion food here is just as adventurous.

As the only Halal restaurant in Chinatown, this place offers authentically unique Malay dishes.

Enjoy the delights of an epic culinary street food "voyage" across India.

They certainly know how to cook a steak, and their lobster wasn't far behind either.

This is not your ordinary food joint, making it an American experience worth taking.

An award-winning restaurant with an extensive range of dishes including kebabs and Wagyu steak.

All about the bread-making factory, the fresh bread and the incredible hummus.

Essentially a fast food place whose model revolves around the reheating of lasagna!

An award-winning restaurant that seeks after change through innovation and daring.