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Feed the Lion brings you the most comprehensive reviews of what’s hot and trending across the UK’s Halal culinary scene

A solid start for a new eatery that's taken inspiration from a number of cuisines.

The Wagyu Steaks didn't quite live up to the high expectations expected of BB.

Camberley's finest Indian restaurant caters for the Asian palate, not just the local's.

BoB's 2nd branch is just as cool and psychedelic, if not more so, than its predecessor

A conceptually novel sharing platter is what defines this newly opened dessert parlour.


A fine dining Thai restaurant with outstanding dishes (ever had melt-in-your-mouth wagyu steaks?)

Not many Japanese restaurants in London offer Halal. Kiri does, and that too Wagyu beef.

This place had only been open a few days when we visited.