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Feed the Lion brings you the most comprehensive reviews of what’s hot and trending across the UK’s Halal culinary scene

Food ranges from good to very good at this famous venue. But, be prepared to fork out!

Being fast food, don't expect anything out of the ordinary.

Overall, much better than Spice Village. Just try the biryani and lamb curry.

Superbly priced and very tasty food Lankan food. But the service is much to be desired.

When you got young'ens preparing the food - anything can happen.

The food doesn't do justice to the expensive menu. A mixture of good and bad.

This is a classic old school place whose reputation precedes it. Nothing more to be said really!

Nothing to write home about be it the Shepherd's Bush or the West Ealing branch. Disappointing!

A number of good Kenyan dishes here with some that would pass for Indo-Pak.