Kingly Court’s Rum Kitchen on Carnaby Street

By Umzee

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London RestaurantThe Rum Kitchen is a Caribbean eatery located on Carnaby Street in Kingly Court.

They have two other branches in Brixton and Notting Hill.

Since they serve pork, it’s always good to ask them to make sure they cook it separately, which they’re more than happy to do on request.

The place is really well decked out too and has a solid menu too.

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant chicken wings jerk

Spicy Fried Wings – all served with pickled chillis and sesame seeds, 6 wings – £7.50

These wings where the part being fried, but not spicy, though they never are at a Caribbean place.

The main thing was that the sauce is put on before being placed on the grill, giving it a better texture.

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant

Proper Jerk – two chopped legs w/ rice & peas, slaw, watermelon, pineapple & jerk gravy £12.50

What a combo! Can’t go wrong with some jerk chicken, which came with the unusual pineapple and watermelon that both work if had in small quantities.

The jerk gravy is a must, though we would have liked it more chilly to counter all that sweet fruit.

The slaw was also nice along with the rice. As I said before, a great combo.

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant CURRY MUTTON

Curry Mutton – slow braised curry mutton with chargrilled roti, coconut & black eye pea rice, £13.50

This was ok. Others really enjoyed it, but I still think it’s rather bland.

The mutton broke apart with ease, and the gravy was nice and thick. The coconut made the meal more enjoyable with a touch of sweetness.

The rice was simple and the roti undercooked.

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant

Jerk Chicken Burger – jerk chicken thigh topped w/ jerk BBQ sauce, scotch bonnet mayo, baby gem lettuce, tomato & toasted brioche bun £9.50; Sweet Potato Fries – w/ chilli maple syrup, £4.50

A nice burger which won’t set the world alight. The best part was the jerk sauce on chicken which is always different.

The slaw made its way into the burger, but I think the chicken could have been a little bigger at least filling the bun.

We also got sweet potato fries which were real crispy and well done. One of the best I’ve ever had.

Along with the accompanying chilli maple syrup this was something to go down for again.

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant

Chicken Supreme – chicken breast cooked on the bone w/ sweet potato mash, callaloo & jerk gravy £13.50

Rum Kitchen Halal Kingly Court London Restaurant menuAnd last of all another superbly cooked chicken piece.

The star of the show being the jerk gravy though.

I would like to see a bowl of rice with this. Other than that, it’s faultless.

Rum Kitchen is a busy restaurant that has lots of seating.

It still gets packed in the evening so always good to book ahead if there are more than 4 of you, as most 4-seater tables.

Being a Rum restaurant there is a large bar and the atmosphere is always loud.

As for the menu, I can honestly say there is nothing here not worth trying.

The Rum Kitchen
Kingly Court, Carnaby St, Soho, London W1B 5PW

T: +44 (0)20 3668 2537 | W: | E:

Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12:00-00:00 | Fri-Sat 12:00-00:30 | Sun 12:00-23:00

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