Having partnered with Henley Ice Cream, this 100+ seater dessert parlour is out to impress.

A recently opened Indian restaurant in the Orion Building that offers a varied menu.

Classically trained Chef, Abbas, reveals his religion to be the inspiration behind his healthy menu.

That's 'Himalayan dry-aged steaks' along with burgers, seafood and other food items.

This is their 9th branch with, we've been told, "lots of new stores opening in the next 3 months".

Looking for a Desi Breakfast to make you conclude, "Tea and daal? Yes siree Bob!"? This is the place.

Opening at 17:30 today, this grill and steak place seems smart and refined.

Romana tries fresh waffles at Eis Cafe in Birmingham which serves "a combination of Nordic and Mediterranean Urban Coffee culture".