Having opened their third in Birmingham recently in September, this one is launching at 11am.

Opening at 9am, there's all-day breakfasts as well as grab-and-go sandwiches.

A fully Halal cafe that's offering all-weekend breakfast in bed delivery service.

A newly launched build-your-own, grab-and-go concept that's finding its feet.

A fully Halal restaurant that offers an eclectic menu with plenty of exciting options.

Chaiiwala now boasts 14 stores with plans of opening nine more.

Specialising in unusual and innovative flatbreads. Just don't forget their breakfast menu!

An American-style breakfast and brunch eatery that punches way above its weight.

Will atmosphere, fresh ingredients, and an innovative menu be enough to encourage a revisit?

A fully Halal Turkish "builder's breakfast place" that even offers Kunafa dessert.