Known as Grillo in the UAE, they are aiming to introduce healthier chickens to the UK.

Grand opening on Uppingham Road with a "buy one Rolla, get one free" offer.

Watch out for fliers being handed out in the area with 20% off the menu.

Leicester-based foodie Hajat says "if you want 100% Aberdeen Angus beef", then this is the place.

Looking past the shisha, the menu actually has Australian wagyu steak, biryani, and more.

A cafe with a bakery making this unlike any cafe you're likely to encounter elsewhere.

With all-day breakfast and brunch, there's also bagels, fresh bread and more.

How cool is that? There's plenty of breakfast options including Desi and Turkish, and more.

After a long wait, their fifth branch finally opens on Granby Street.

This chicken chain, which is HMC-approved, opens in Leicester city centre's Granby Street.