Ostrich, Llama, Buffalo & more - exotic steaks cooked by the diner on preheated volcanic rock!

Tired of Nando's? This could be your answer with globally inspired finger-licking good sauces.

Mother Clucker, part of the Kerb Street Food market, in Canary Wharf serves Cajun Chicken Strips.

Closer attention to detail allows Khatoon to stand above the many Persian restaurants out there.

Malagueta chilli defines its success, and they serve some outstanding chicken dishes and desserts.

If ever the word sizzle had any real meaning, it couldn't be more real than at Toro's in Harrow.

Innovation is the hallmark of Ma'Plucker's menu with a variety of unique dishes on offer.

Note: only the 'Panko Fried Chicken' is halal. Kudos, however, for including halal on their menu.

Yet another chicken joint; yet another Peri Peri in a long list of endless Peri Peri joints.