This is the franchise's 16th branch with more scheduled to open soon.

With a soft opening scheduled for today, this is the franchise's 15th branch.

With 14 types of cuisines and 25 restaurants and eateries, this is the ultimate guide.

Blogger Hajat's Reviews missed the grand opening, but visited the noodle house on April Fool's Day.

We were not expecting such quality of food from a supposed deli counter. Stunning!

They have another branch successfully established in Birmingham's Star City.

Sabuhi Usmani succeeds in finding a fully Halal Chinese restaurant.

Aaliyah Domingos, aka Halaaliyah Eats, takes us on this exciting culinary journey.

Karamay in Leicester UK’s first Halal Chinese hotpot restaurant

Traditional Uyghur cuisine with the handmade noodles and dumplings freshly prepared every morning!