A multi-award winning curryhouse with 152 menu items and thus a variety of curries.

Referred to as the curry industry’s ‘Oscars’, Halal again featured well at the 13th British Curry Awards.

Located in the Trafford Centre, this restaurant seeks to take you on a culinary journey of the Far East.

Fusing INdian cooking with the ease of a burrITO, this is their second London branch.

This Indian restaurant currently caters for Halal chicken, with plenty of other options too.

Only a chef of Sabbir Karim's calibre could produce some of the dishes had here.

Apart from burgers and steaks, there's over 100 dishes from the Middle East, South Asia and the Far East.

Over 50 awards were presented to curry houses and businesses across England on Monday.

As the only Halal restaurant in Chinatown, this place offers authentically unique Malay dishes.