They also serves hot & cold starters, breakfasts, wraps, kebabs, hot drinks, desserts & more.

A thoroughly impressive chicken restaurant, and one with desserts that are stunningly good.

This Lebanese Restaurant & Bakery has 57 menu items and plenty of competition in the area,

A vegetarian breakfast, eggs benedict florentine, and French toast among other things.

Halal frankfurter gourmet hot dogs cooked on a separate grill with plenty of toppings.

We last visited when they first opened back in 2015. Have things improved since then?

The gourmet burger chain opened its fourth branch yesterday in the busy Broadway of Ealing.

Outstanding chicken burgers! Now, if only the beef was Halal (though don't forget, you can mix 'n match).

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across West London. (Sponsored)

Arg is a family-owned Persian restaurant that serves standard Persian food.