#FtLionAwards annually recognises the UK's very best Halal dishes and outstanding restaurants.

The five nominees are: Chokhi Dhani, Elvet Steakhouse, Hankies, Issho-Ni, Kahani.

Nominees: Chokhi Dhani, Issho-Ni, Hankies, Kahani, Matsya, and Mitsuryu.

And the four nominees are: Anokha, Chapati Club, Indique, Thali Ho.

The nominees are: Hankies, Kahani, Mr White's English Chophouse, and Mr Falafel.

Billy & the Chicks, Chicken Shop, Grill Steakhouse, Maison Bab, English Chophouse, Rake's Cafe Bar.

Nominees: Elvet Steakhouse, Hankies, Issho-Ni, The Grill Steakhouse, RockIT Steakhouse.

Nominees: Chakra, Chokhi Dhani, Chi Kitchen, Kahani, Matsya, Mitsuryu, RockIt.

Shortlisted nominees are: Chakra, Issho-Ni, Kahani, and Le Bab.

Shortlisted nominees: Chokhi Dhani, Hankies, Matsya, and Yasmeen Restaurant.