The Tandoor is revered in their kitchens, so expect exceptionally cooked tandoor dishes.

Here's your chance to experience food combined with 3D visual technology & image mapping.

With 14 types of cuisines and 25 restaurants and eateries, this is the ultimate guide.

How many places do you know of that offer freshly made Halal salt beef?

Fully Halal and located at the White City Place development (formerly owned by the BBC).

Watch out for fliers being handed out in the area with 20% off the menu.

That's Aroma Buffet, Chaudhry's, Khans, Nabrasa and Royal Nawaab.

Given their passion and commitment, we can see more of these popping up around London.

Undeniably good wings and drumsticks in an otherwise playful menu.

They cater for Halal beef and chicken with a variety of burgers including vegan.