This place offers Halal duck and can, upon request, arrange for zero cross-contamination.

That's Aroma Buffet, Chaudhry's, Khans, Nabrasa and Royal Nawaab.

The charity has recently seen a huge increase in the number of people needing help.

The single most important component of any burger is the patty!

Fancy an Halal rib-eye steak or lobster at a 4 Star Hotel near Heathrow?

Hayes finally has it - a Halal restaurant that offers some promising burgers.

If you're in Uxbridge and fancying a large meaty burger on the budget, Aku Fu recommends Beef Belly's 10oz.

Formerly Red Iron Burgers, this place has had a complete facelift. The menu, however, remains the same!

A small Pan Asian restaurant that served a variety of dishes that were, at best, good.