A multi-award winning curryhouse with 152 menu items and thus a variety of curries.

That's a soft launch followed by a half launch before concluding with an official launch in December.

Fusing INdian cooking with the ease of a burrITO, this is their second London branch.

Catering for Halal beef, lamb, chicken and kid goat, and inspired by meals delivered by Mumbai's Dabbawalas.

And the Indian Wrap Co is celebrating by offering a 50% discount until Friday.

A 'Global Cantina' serving innovative dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world.

It offers a fully Halal food menu with an intriguing selection of dishes from the region.

This Indian restaurant currently caters for Halal chicken, with plenty of other options too.

This is their 9th branch with, we've been told, "lots of new stores opening in the next 3 months".