A generous menu with an even more generous launch discount offer.

A build-your-own brand that refuses to compromise on the flavours and spices. Kudos!

They also picked up 'Best Newcomer Restaurant' this week at the British Kebab Awards.

The guest of honour was vegetarian falafel-lover and leader of the Labour Party - Jeremy Corbyn.

Overlooking the docks that once saw the Titanic sail, this is worth the visit for that reason alone.

Grand opening on Uppingham Road with a "buy one Rolla, get one free" offer.

This is the "healthy" kebab franchise's 31st UK venue, with seven more planned.

Yup; the awards and the hype is justified. A quality kebab house for some lucky students!

With seating available across two floors, the menu is quintessentially Turkish.

They offer a large menu consisting of classic regional dishes and more.