The restaurant essentially offers grilled piri-piri chicken though with a few extra goodies.

Of the seven Halal traders, find out which ones are Halal right here.

This is the "healthy" doner kebab franchise's 39th UK venue overall and 14th in London.

Located in the converted arches next door to the underground station.

They'll be giving away a free curry puff too with every meal if you quote: "CHOPE"!

If there's one thing that defines their extensive menu, it's ambition!

This is the second Halal McDonald's to open in London this year!

A menu inspired by "one of the most ancient herbs of all time" - thyme, or kekik in Turkish.

Choices are limited, but there are some exciting Halal options to consider here.

By our count, this is the Indian breakfast chains' 24th venue with more to follows.