With award-winning BRGR.BRO, Chaiiwala and 20 other restaurants and takeaways.

This Middle-Eastern inspired cafe even has an actual apple tree located inside.

Choices are limited, but there are some exciting Halal options to consider here.

With traditional dishes, this is a place to consider for those looking to try Emirati cuisine.

This market operates under Street Food Union with limited options for Halal.

Located on Wilton Street, this is a traditionally vibrant place with fresh food.

With 14 types of cuisines and 25 restaurants and eateries, this is the ultimate guide.

With branches across the Middle East, they're showcasing UAE Bedouin culture and authentic Emirati cuisine.

Featuring a Masgouf corner where an ancient cooking method will be used for cooking fish.

The place to visit if you're looking for an assortment of cuisines at reasonable prices.