A fully Halal restaurant that offers an eclectic menu with plenty of exciting options.

With four branches in North London, they know how to barbecue meat.

They offer a large and varied menu that combines traditional Anatolian cooking methods with the modern.

A multi-award winning curryhouse with 152 menu items and thus a variety of curries.

With 3 potential contenders for FtL's end of year awards, need we say more?

Although inspired by Marvel's Incredible Hulk, the Bruce Beef burger was instead the "perfect" size.

An award-winning restaurant with an extensive range of dishes including kebabs and Wagyu steak.

A comprehensive list of Halal breakfasts across North London. (Sponsored)

Some decent dishes, but what this isn't is "fine dining Afghan cuisine".

An extensive menu that includes, among many others, some impressive burger and steak dishes.