Featuring the iconic Tooting Market and South London's oldest, Broadway Market, which opened in 1936.

And there's a staggering 18 food vendors currently catering for Halal.

110-cover restaurant on Upper Tooting Road offering all-day buffets on a Sunday.

The menu is an extensive one that's been inspired by Pakistan's street food scene.

A build-your-own brand that refuses to compromise on the flavours and spices. Kudos!

Fully Halal and located at the White City Place development (formerly owned by the BBC).

Now you can enjoy the buffet experience in the comfort of your own home.

Grand opening on Uppingham Road with a "buy one Rolla, get one free" offer.

That's Aroma Buffet, Chaudhry's, Khans, Nabrasa and Royal Nawaab.

This place had curries that didn't compromise, as well as a mean Haleem dish.