Located along the River Thames, their second branch offers a fully Halal food menu.

They recently won the Asian Restaurant Awards 'Best Middle Eastern Restaurant'!

The good news is that Chef Vivek Singh's new venue will cater for Halal lamb and chicken.

Winners of the Asian Curry Awards 2017 "Best Casual Dining Restaurant, London Suburbs".

Six food stalls are either Halal-friendly or cater for it as standard, and two that don't but can do so privately.

A smartly decorated eatery that offers many of the traditional dishes unique of that region.

Narenj in Kingston offers a Persian mixed grill and an amazing outdoor view of the River Thames.

A newly renovated restaurant with "a taste of Persia that will linger!"

'Flavours of the Levant' is what defines the fusion cooking at this elegantly cosy restaurant.