This is the franchise's third London store and fourth overall.

And find out how you can be one of 100 people to win a free platter on opening day.

And there's a staggering 18 food vendors currently catering for Halal.

New faces included spice company Greenfields, Chef Aida Khan, and more.

Buckinghamshire's best Halal steakhouse moves down the road.

Skewd Kitchen's Demir brothers have upped their game with this new upmarket restaurant.

Aku Fu reviews the American-inspired menu including the chicken and waffle.

With locations in Dubai, this is their 2nd opening this month and 28th overall.

While this afternoon tea was good, we expected more from a London 5 star hotel in Paddington.

Opening today at 4pm with plenty of options that include a dessert bar too.