Although inspired by Marvel's Incredible Hulk, the Bruce Beef burger was instead the "perfect" size.

Their recently opened second London branch in Wembley is off to a steady start.

An international food menu that's fully Halal with gluten-free & vegetarian options.

Named after a 14th century Chinese explorer, the fusion food here is just as adventurous.

A "fine eating restaurant" that offers "contemporary culinary delights" with a 30% discount offer for July.

After serving burgers in East London's Whitechapel for almost 3 years, they've now opened in Ilford.

Amigos will be giving away 500 free burgers at their new branch in Gants Hill this Saturday.

Narenj in Kingston offers a Persian mixed grill and an amazing outdoor view of the River Thames.

9 of the 12 traders are offering Halal food every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month.