Brewed bubble teas and peculiar desserts popular in the South East of Asia.

This 200-seater eatery offers a fully Halal menu of 106 items at very reasonable prices.

Six food stalls are either Halal-friendly or cater for it as standard, and two that don't but can do so privately.

A fully Halal Turkish "builder's breakfast place" that even offers Kunafa dessert.

Gourmet kebabs indeed! A lively joint that offers some unique Halal lamb and chicken wraps.

'Authentic taste of the very best of Jamaica', and offering Halal chicken and lamb.

While not currently offering Halal, there's plenty of small plates of sustainable seafood with veg options.

A thoroughly impressive chicken restaurant, and one with desserts that are stunningly good.

A smartly decorated eatery that offers many of the traditional dishes unique of that region.