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Opening on the 14th in Kings Mall, there will be a rare kiosk that actually serves Halal Vietnamese food!

They also serves hot & cold starters, breakfasts, wraps, kebabs, hot drinks, desserts & more.

This 200-seater eatery offers a fully Halal menu of 106 items at very reasonable prices.

A fully Halal Turkish "builder's breakfast place" that even offers Kunafa dessert.

A thoroughly impressive chicken restaurant, and one with desserts that are stunningly good.

Tasty fast food in the form of Burrito wraps and boxes, and Tacos, that are all well priced.

This Lebanese Restaurant & Bakery has 57 menu items and plenty of competition in the area,

With 94 items on the menu, there's plenty to choose from at this aesthetically pleasing restaurant.