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Eggcellent is a simple, fast food style café located near Al Sharq Residence just behind Al Hamra Tower and Mall.

Whether you’re feeling breakfast, brunch on the go, or a quick cheeky dine-in with a couple of friends, they’ve got you covered.

Despite being a small place, they offer a wide option of choices to fulfil all your cravings.

The 25-30-cover eatery offers both indoor and outdoor seating for you to take your pick.

Take note, however, that while Eggcellent opens early in the morning, it’s only open until 2pm on weekdays and 3pm during the weekends.


Eggcellent breakfast brunch kuwait Halal

Jamaican Passion – Herbal tea, cube ice, flavoured syrup, 1.45 KD; Green Mango – Green tea, cube ice, flavoured syrup, 1.35 KD

This Jamaican Passion Iced Tea was nothing like what we had imagined.

It delivered a wonderful light berry burst that was summery and refreshing without being too strong. A mixture of hibiscus, which was freshly brewed, and passion fruit syrup.

The Green Mango Iced Tea was a green herb-styled drink mixed with mango flavouring. A cold version of the green tea, this was refreshingly cleansing.

There’s other flavours available also, as well as a variety of hot drinks, to go with any breakfast you choose.


Eggcellent breakfast brunch kuwait Halal

Portobello – Scrumbled egg, Caramalized Onion, Topped with Sauteed Portabello Mushroom, French Emmental cheese with Truffle Aioli, 2.65 KD

The Portobello breakfast is a new addition to the menu. It camme with scrambled eggs and a heavenly, melt-in-the-mouth sautéed mushroom.

But it was the utter creaminess of the breakfast, courtesy of the perfectly complimentary caramelised onions and truffle mayo sauce, that we really enjoyed, along with that earthy mushroom flavour we all love. You won’t want to stop with this one!

Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant Halal

Scrumptious – Scrumbled egg, sriarcha mayo sauce, cheddar cheese, chives, caramalized onion, 1.45 KD

Eggcellent’s Scrumptious breakfast is their top seller, and for good reason too.

Soft scrambled eggs, melted cheddar cheese, and sprinkled with chives in a soft brioche bun – how does that sound so far?

The sweet kick of the caramelised onions was well balanced by the touch of heat delivered by the creamy siracha sauce, which definitely had taste buds going.

Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant Halal

Brooklyn – House made chicken sausage, honey mustard sauce, cheddar cheese, sunny side up egg, 1.75 KD

Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant HalalAn on-the-go (yes, exactly that) full English, the Brooklyn comprised of chicken sausage with a medium sunny-side egg making it a uniquely different style breakfast sandwich.

What you’ll get with a thin sausage like burger patty partnered alongside a soft, runny egg is that runny vs solid texture.

Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant HalalBeing neither too heavy nor overly meaty, this is ideal for those who want a bit of both – meat and egg – all in a bun.

All sandwiches are made with a perfectly bouncy, brioche-style bun.

Portion sizes are just perfect, especially when paired with a side of hash brown or french fries.

A real deal in one plate this, and a really good one too!


Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant Halal

Hash browns (bottom left) 1.25 KD

Crispy on the outside and yet soft on the in, the Hash browns were hot and freshly cooked, thereby adding that little extra in completing any brunch experience.

Eggcellent breakfast brunch Kuwait Restaurant Halal

French Fries 0.75 KD

The French Fries were superbly cooked and seasoned. A must as a side, whatever the craving!

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Eggcellent is a simple, fast food style café, with food that truly speaks for itself.

Granted it doesn't boast the big, fancy interiors of other restaurants in the area, but this innovative, American-inspired eatery, with its incredible service, is doing amazingly well just the way it is.

Located on the slight outskirts of the central area, and at the bottom of Al Sharq Residence just behind Al Hamra Tower and Mall, they have a high and successful demand given the local residents and offices just minutes away.

If you're local, and want a good early boost to the day, then this place is a must. They have such variety that if we had the room to try each and every dish, we'd be having breakfast, lunch and dinner, no sweat.

And with such demand, Eggcellent recently announced news of a "new eggsperience rising soon", so be sure to join their Instagram page to find out where their next venue will be.

Menu Recommendation

Drink - Jamaican Passion

Breakfast - Portobello

Side - Hash Brown

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(Sharq Residence, behind ALHamra Tower), Kuwait City, Kuwait.

T: +965 (0)2245 8447 | W:

Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 6:30-14:00 | Sat-Sun 7:30-15:00

Eggcellent breakfast kuwait Halal Eggcellent breakfast kuwait Halal

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