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Fatburger (American) – Wembley

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

Fatburger’s second UK site is ideally situated on the cross roads towards London Designer Outlet and Wembley Stadium.

On the evening of our Thursday visit, however, this 60-seater restaurant, which had only been open for two months, was relatively quiet.

With a black ceiling, low-hanging black light shades, and black upholstered seating set against an otherwise well lit and spacious interior, this place wasn’t too dissimilar in terms of its decor from its established Camden brach (read our review).


And similar to its Camden counterpart, there was an impressive assortment of Buffalo’s wings and tenders to choose from.

The choice of boneless or bone-in wings are available as follows:

  • Taster (6) – £6.00
  • Small (10) – £9.50
  • Regular (16) – £14.75
  • Large (24) – £22.00
  • Sharing Platter (48) – £43.00

While the Tenders come as:

  • Taster (6) – £6.00
  • Small (10) – £8.50
  • Regular (12) – £16.25
  • Large (24) – £32.25

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

All wings and tenders are served with carrots and celery, and a choice of Bleu Cheese, Ranch Dressing, or Honey Mustard sauces.

Medium Sesame TendersSweet Teriyaki TendersCajun Dry Rub WingsCaroline Fire BBQ WingsThe Aftermath

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

The secret behind these soft and tender … tenders, was the way in which the sharp and tangy Buffalo marination had managed to soak so well into the chicken.

But, be sure to coat your tenders in all that finger-licking sauce resting at the bottom of the plate; it really is something else.

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger chicken

Again these tenders were wonderfully cooked and succulent, with the salty-sweet and viscous Teriyaki marination managing to deliver a crispy-soft exterior. Quite delicious!

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger chicken

Seriously good these Cajun Dry Rub Wings. The aromatic peppery heat of the cajun ensured that these were addictively good.

Non-oily and with a crispy exterior, these were so good, in fact, that one Lion considered these his favourite.

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger chicken

With a crunchy exterior, these Caroline Fire BBQ Wings offered a hint of sweetness while ensuring both the promised spice and barbecue flavours. Good stuff!

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

The aftermath indeed!


Fatburger Quad Burger Halal Wembley American Burger

Quad £12.00, with Cheese and Beef Bacon add-ons (£1.00 each) – £14.00

Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger Fatburger Halal Wembley American BurgerWe had this monster at the Camden branch, and we can safely say that this was as good, if not better, than that.

On this occasion, however, we decided on the addition of two extra condiments, Cheese and Beef Bacon, for a quid each.

What we got was a gloriously flavourous £14.00 Quad.

This comprised of four succulent buttery patties, plenty of sweet cheese to counter the sour edge of the tangy pickles, and a good amount of sauce.

Perfectly layered, it seems as though their signature Quad never fails to disappoint.

Fatburger Chicken Burger Halal Wembley American Burger

Turkey Burger £6.25

Fatburger Halal Wembley American BurgerAs a burger patty, Turkey, if not done right, often turns out dry, tasteless and grey looking.

Did Fatburger achieve what many others have tried and failed at: a juicy, rich burger that’s bursting with flavour? Not quite!

For one, the anemic-looking patty just didn’t have much flavour to it.

And where this burger could have been rescued, i.e the flavours imparted by the remaining ingredients, these just didn’t come through.

Lettuce Burger Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

Lettuce Wrap Burger £6.25

While the concept sounded interesting in theory, its execution couldn’t have been worse.

For one, having everything wrapped in what was quite literally five layers of cold lettuce leaves just didn’t allow anything else therein to materialise.

To make matters worse, there wasn’t much meat to speak of; ergo, all we got was lettuce!

As one Lion put it: “Not worth being on the menu!”


Fatburger Hot Dog Halal Wembley American Burger

Chilli Cheese Dog £5.50 and Skinny Fries £2.25

Fatburger Halal Wembley American BurgerThe sausage in this Chilli Cheese Dog was essentially doused in a chilli con carne sauce, that delivered on a touch of heat, with cheese sprinkled over the top.

And as strange as that may sound, when all was chewed and masticated, it wasn’t as bad as it looked.

Flavour-wise, it actually worked!

As for the accompanying Skinny Fries, then these were superb – crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside, just as it ought to be.

Fatburger Chicken Salad Halal Wembley American Burger

Buffalo Chicken Salad £9.00

This Chicken Salad, on the otherhand, was a disparate collection of cut up bits of slightly dry, battered chicken and Turkey bacon, lettuce, large tomatoes, and chunks of carrot all covered in cold, grated cheese! It was an absolute mess of flavours and textures, and a lazy, unimaginative attempt at a chicken salad.

Not sure what the two celery sticks were doing there either. Chop sticks perhaps!

Fatburger Curly Fries Cajun Halal Wembley American Burger

Curly Fries (Cajun) £2.25

The cajun seasoning on these Curly Fries were just right in terms of strength of flavour, i.e. not overpowering.

However, we would have preferred these more crispier than they were.

Fatburger Cheese Sticks Halal Wembley American Burger

Cheese Sticks

Pre-made Cheese Sticks that were poor quality and barely warmed through.

Fatburger Onion Rings Halal Wembley American Burger

Homemade Onion Rings £2.25

And these rancid Homemade Onion Rings were a disaster!

What we had here were oily onion rings coated in a peculiar batter that had a crunchy-cum-floury texture (more floury than anything else) that was struggling to hold together.


Fatburger Halal Wembley American Burger

(Left-right) Vanilla, Choc, Maui-Banana – £4.25 each

These shakes were gorgeous. Thick, creamy and rich in flavour, and wholly authentic in their respective flavours.

The Maui-Banana was luscious and quite intriguing, for while the ripeness of the banana tasted as though it were green, it didn’t have that familiar startchy taste, but rather a sweet undertone.

As for the Choc, then it was well balanced, while the Vanilla milky, relatively thick, and fairly sweet.

3 FTL's Roar
4.2 Pride's Roar (3 Roars)
Alcohol/ Pork?
  • NO/ NO
Last Checked: 20/2/18
Fatburger in Wembley didn't quite live up to the standards of its Camden counterpart.

There were a number of dishes had that simply didn't do it for the three of us collectively.

Their wings and tenders, however, along with their signature burger, were, as always, top notch.

Menu Recommendation

Drinks - Maui-Banana Shake

Starter - Cajun Dry Rub Wings or Sweet Teriyaki Tenders

Main - Quad Burger

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8 Wembley Hill Rd,
Wembley London HA9 6QU.

T: +44 (0)20 8900 9600 | W: www.fatburger.com/uk

Opening Hours: Sun-Thurs 12:00-00:00 | Fri-Sat 12:00-1:00

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