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The Fusion Kitchen is an attractive restaurant with an interior shimmering with beautiful lights and decorated with paintings of a World Map representing their name.

With mouth-watering dishes, they offer a variety of cuisines including North Indian, Italian, Chinese and even Mexican.


Blue Lagoon – Triple sec, fresh lemon, blu ecuracao, soda, 160Rs

We began with the Blue Lagoon Mocktail which was beautifully presented. The sweet and sour taste of oranges was something new and refreshing.

From the Appetizer section, we ordered their special Old Greek Nachos and Smoked BBQ Chicken.


Old Greek Nachos, 320Rs

The Old Greek Nachos were the best nachos we had ever tasted.

Garnished with black olives and green onions, the Corn Mexican Nachos with minced chicken sauce, cheese sauce and feta cheese was so good that we could not resist ordering one more. For all the nachos lovers out there, these nachos are to die for!


Smoked BBQ Chicken, 250Rs

BBQ Chicken, on the other hand, was an average appetizer with fully dipped pan-fried chicken in barbecue sauce, Worcestershire sauce and black pepper.


The Chicken Paprika – Sauteed chicken chunks in Spanish paprika sauce served with bell pepper rice and sauteed veggies, 370Rs

For mains, The Fusion Kitchen is popularly known for The Chicken Paprika. This dish is basically cooked rice mildly flavoured with pepper and a beautiful combination of spicy, yet creamy flavoured gravy along with some fresh veggies. And if there’s one mind blowing food item that will bring you back to this place, then in all honesty, it is this. As simple as the name suggests, the dish was really flavoursome.

Moving on to their most luscious dish, The Magnum Freakshake, then this is what you call a FREAKSHAKE. This heavenly shake, with a creamy chocolate coating on the outside, had Magnum ice cream added to it like a cherry-on-top giving it that complete look while complimenting its fabulous taste.


Chocolate Magnum Freakshake, 350Rs

Quick, yet lovely service totally made our day, with the staff doing a great job in making sure that we didn’t have to wait a minute longer than required for our dishes to arrive.

I’d definitely say that this is by far the best outlet in Borivali, Mumbai.

The Fusion Kitchen
Shop 1, Opp Veda building,
Holy Cross Road, IC Colony,
Borivali – West, 400103 Mumbai.

T: +91 22 2895 5777 | W: | E:

Opening Hours:
Weekdays 12:30-15:30 & 19:30-23:59
Weekends 12:00-16:30 & 19:00-23:59

the-fusion-kitchen-mumbai-india the-fusion-kitchen-mumbai-india the-fusion-kitchen-mumbai-india

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