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By Shahad Jawdet

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal PrestonLocated centrally in Preston, MUMU Steakhouse has just started things like no other.

Specialising in different types of steaks, from T-Bone, Sirloin, Fillet and Rib Eye, they’ve got it all.

Using only cuts of beef from certified British farmers and Halal butchers, their open grill kitchen promises no disappoints, particularly when you’ve got chefs trained and hand picked from some of the best steakhouses in the U.S.

The slick interior of the restaurant is definitely one which adds to the experience.

A very spacious place, which can facilitate for a large amount of customers, it also has easy access for those with disability and a booth area for those larger bookings and occasions.

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal PrestonThe soft beige theme alongside the rustic wooden-brick walls go so well and make it that little bit different, which I definitely love seeing.

Not forgetting that touch of red added throughout the whole restaurant which definitely compliments the soft colours.

An intricate and well thought out interior which fits perfectly with the restaurant as a whole. I loved the brand logo too – the red cow – displayed in the interior as a stand out, light up canvas frame.

The atmosphere whilst eating felt peaceful and serene thanks to the lighting which definitely had a role to play – quite dim but not dull, with parts of the restaurant brighter than others.

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal PrestonThe cleanliness of the restaurant was definitely something which stood out for me. Even when I got taken on a back-of-the-house tour, I was unbelievably shocked at how well polished, tidy and outstandingly organised the kitchen area was, with no dirt or random items laying about. Even the fridge was stocked up accordingly (in case you think they could have planned this beforehand, they actually had no more than a couple of minutes pre-warning), while the luxury style bathrooms were spotless.

I would give it a 9/10 for that.


MOZZARELLA STICKS MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

Mozzarella Sticks – Fried Cheesy Goodness With A Spicy Marinara Dip £4.50

Starting with the basics, you can’t really go wrong with Mozzarella sticks for starters, can you?

Let’s put it this way, these were no ordinary cheesy sticks. They were the best melting goodness I’ve had by far. The crispy batter was fried just perfectly. Non-crumbly and filled with the perfect amount cheese, it wasn’t too cheesy or oily, which is just how I like it.

But these wouldn’t taste anywhere near as amazing if it wasn’t for the Marinara dip. A spicy and tangy tomato style dip, which compliments really well with the cheese. With a touch of a herby and lemon burst, you’ll honestly want to dip it in all the way.

A must as a choice of starters especially with six pieces of mozzarella sticks.


Even though the menu does a great job with a diagram of a cow depicting where each meat comes from, all the different types were still explained to me by the waiter.

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

Sirloin 10oz £21.50

Having opted for a well cooked Sirloin, this thick, mouth watering steak was super tender, and a real crowd pleaser. It arrived at very good speed and was just how I had wanted it – well cooked with some redness in the meat, and very chewy and tender.

You’ve got to bare in mind that since it’s a Sirloin steak, the more you cook it, the chewier it gets.

Compared to others in the past, this was definitely the chewiest, but with the perfect balance of flavour and juiciness – that melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Accompanying this was a mushroom sauce which complimented it so well. A light, creamy taste and flavour that needs to be drizzled over the steak since it can get a little dry.

A great choice of a well sautéed mushroom and salad as a side too was available.

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

Mr MUMU Burger £7.50 + Extras: Turkey Bacon £1.50, Hash Brown £1.00

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal PrestonCouldn’t not give the Mr MUMU burger a try.

A lean mince beef 6oz patty which comes with the standard filling of salad, mayo and salsa.

But I had to add extra fillings since what’s a burger without hash browns and turkey bacon?

And so it turns up and smells and looks so mouthwatering that you just can’t wait to dig in!

sweet fries MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

Sweet Potato Fries £3.75

A soft springy bun with an overflowing choice of fillings, is exactly how it should be.

The downside to this had to be the lack of flavour of the beef patty itself.

There wasn’t much spice or flavour coming from it, which was slightly disappointing.

However, the decision to add the turkey bacon and hash browns did the job of bringing a kick of flavour to this.

But if I hadn’t opted for extra fillings, I don’t think I would’ve enjoyed it as much to be honest.

There was just a lack of overall flavour from the burger itself and sauces.

Cocktains drinks MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

Peach on the Beach (left), Virgin Colada (right) £4.50 each

Thought we would experiment a little and go out of our comfort zone with one drink in particular – Peach on the beach. A sweet blend of apple juice mixed with peach, cinnamon, sage and nutmeg.

Fancy eh? First impression was surreal, I’ve got to tell you that. A kick of spice and sweet hits them taste buds right there.

Definitely a thirst quencher and something I would recommend for those looking for that different twist to their night.

Not forgetting the Virgin Colada, a fruity mix of pineapple and orange juice, with an overpowering taste of that sweet coconut, and a great creamy and tropical kick. For those Pina Colada lovers, this is your call. Has summer written all over it.

Overall a great experience, with very attentive and helpful staff, constantly checking up on their customers to make sure they’re happy. A night well chosen and spent is how I’d sum it up.

If you’re about and from the local area, then be sure to pop down.

logo MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston
MUMU Steakhouse
79-81 London Rd
Preston PR1 4BA

T: +44 (0)1772 822555 | W: | E:

Opening Hours: Mon Closed, Tue-Thu 17:00-22:00, Fri-Sat 17:00-23:00, Sun 17:00-22:30

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston menu MUMU Steakhouse Burger Manchester Halal Preston

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