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After a distressful visit to Jimmy’s World Kitchen, the next buffet-oriented restaurant was the much heard of Royal Nawaab.

It’s an all Pakistani-Asian cuisine with a bit of Italian, Chinese and other parts of the world available (which no one seemed to really bother with TBH).

The place is like a mini-Pakistan though with everyone dressed up like its a wedding (we’re certain, we even spotted a bride lurking about).

Book ahead though or prepare to wait in queue. It’s fully booked everyday with doors opening at 17:00.


Mango lassi, pokara (all types), saag, curry and naan were all good.

The lamb chops were, however, way too chewy and hard.


The steak was blatantly recooked and that too in just under a minute. The major problem with this was that because it was ultra-tender, it was most un-steak like.

Although we didn’t manage to take any pics (apologies in advance), the lamb palow rice, lamb daal, lamb salan, and sweet rice were very good, while the curry was outstanding.


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Last Checked: 20/2/18
For a buffet place, this place seems to be a pretty good one.

And at £20 a head without drinks, be prepared to fork out.
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Royal Nawaab London
Hoover Building 7,
Western Ave, London UB6 8DW

T: +44 (0)20 8998 6151 | W: | E:

Opening Times: Mon-Thur 17:30-23:00 | Fri-Sat 17:00-23:00 | Sun 13:00-23:00

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  • Waiting times on weekends can easily be 2 hours or more but they will never tell u the real times to keep you there. And good news is that probably u will be standing for those two hours as the waiting room has space of maybe 15 ppl max.
    We had to wait over 2 hours although we were told 1 hr to 1.5 hrs wait max. After waiting 1.5 hours we spoke to management that if we should call the rest of the ppl up from the car park and we were told yes as our table was being prepared.
    Even after that we had to wait another 45 mins with kids standing for the whole time till we had to go and argue with the rude manager who could probably not understand english as we told him numerous times we have been waiting for over 2 hours and he kept saying waiting time is 1 hr to 1.5 hrs.
    Food is average but not worth waiting 2 hours. Out of 50 or 70 dishes maybe 5 are good rest is all normal.
    Money was its way too over priced as £20 plus drinks is definitely not worth it. For a family of 4 u can go anywhere and have a really nice meal for may be less than the price u will pay here.
    Will definitely not go there again.

    27 Mar '15
  • You lot seem like a fussy lot. I went down recently with the family and though it did have a wedding vibe to it, the food was quality and very tasty too.

    29 Mar '15
  • They do weddings in their hall maybe that’s where the bride appeared from…lol I’ve not been here because I’m like you not a fan of buffets but heard wonderful reviews …don’t think I’ll bother!

    2 Jun '15

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