Top Grill House ‘one of the grubbiest in Luton’


By Shaftab Ahmed

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury ParkNow let me explain from the outset that, despite its name, this is not a top grill house in the strict sense of the word.

And it’s true that from the outside, this place looks like just another fast food place, but since most Pakistani restaurants on the famous stretch of Dunstable Road in Luton were packed on this Saturday night, we had no option but give Top Grill House.

What your greeted with is a continuous supply of grilled food in action.

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury ParkTop grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park


Take out your phones as the flames are high and the smell is good.

But the most unexpected thing about this place, which you simply won’t know from the outside, is the decor of this place!

It’s got a Moroccan feel about it with its dated wooden decor feature.


Unfortunately our table stunk of milk (gone off) as a result of using a dirty table cloth.

We also got the predictable free chilli sauce and mint yogurt with standard salad, which are God-send if you do end up ordering a lot of grills.

lamp chops Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park

Lamb Chops – portion of 4, £6.99

And since this is a grill house, we had to try the grills. The lamb chops where big in size and made Pakistani-style, so with plenty of good spice and well done.

As expected, it went down well for the four of us. Cooked on a bed of onions, which went to waste, we weren’t sure what the wedge of lemon was added; not exactly going to add lemon on top of chops now are we?!

chicken Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park

Baby Chicken £6.99

While there was plenty of it, this turned out to be very bland, with no one willing to finish it off. It was also presented in a rather unattractive black container!

kebeb Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park kebab

Shish Kebab – portion of 4, £6.50

The kebabs where a winner, both in size and taste. With good char on the outside, they were also fairly chilli.

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park dal

Tarka Dal Karahi (regular) £5.50

Just to mix things up, we got daal. Choosing Tarka Dal Karahi, it turned out to be good without being anything special.

While the chefs do do things authentic Pakistani-style, with the correct masala (spices), it just didn’t have that final something that we were expecting.

naan Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury Park

Plain Naan £0.70

Top grill house Halal Luton HMC Bury ParkThe plain naans were large, thick, and straight from the tandoor, and will go well with anything.

In fact, the price of 70p was so good that we over-ordered not knowing the size of each one.

In all, Top Grill House is a rather pricey place when considering that it’s one of the grubbiest restaurants in Luton!

In addition, I would not recommend this place now that I know that it has a food hygiene rating of 0 (31st July, 2018) (although I should have suspected given the smell and state of the grill)!

Having said that though, it appears to be doing something right, since it was quite was packed when we visisted.

But that’s not really surprising, as this area of Bury Park is like the hub of Luton action scene (but without the action).

Top Grill House
187 Dunstable Rd, Luton LU1 1BT.

T: +44 (0)1582 41568

Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 12:00-03:00

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