Roti House’s Pakistani kebabs hit Camden Market

By Adil Iqbal

Roti House Camden Market

I went for a bite to eat in Camden Market where there’s a huge selection of foods from around the world ranging from Chinese to Columbian.

Mother Clucker is my favourite, although the particular branch here isn’t as good as their other outlets I’ve tried.

I decided to try a new place that had popped up called the Roti House.

It was run by a couple of Pakistani gents who were offering beef kebab rolls, chicken tikka rolls and an aloo (potato) veg roll, all of which come in freshly made tandoori naans. I opted for the beef kebab roll.

Roti House Kebab Roll

Beef Kebab Roll £7.00

I was disappointed that it wasn’t in the traditional shape of a kebab. Instead it was presented like keema (minced meat) that’s put on top of the naan before being wrapped up with salad and dressing.

And seeing that it wasn’t a proper barbecued kebab, I was not expecting big things. Yet, I was pleasantly surprised.

The meat was full of flavour, tasty and juicy, while the naan bread nice, fluffy and light with that tasty tandoori flavour to it.

The chilli sauce was really good and provided just the right level of heat.

It’s a shame they did not have any mint sauce, and that they used red onion since I reckon white, sautéed onions go best in a kebab roll.

Although the price was a bit steep at £7 (then again all the street food their is quite steep), overall I was happy. If you’re in the area, give it a go!

Camden Market
32 Camden Lock Pl,
London NW1 8AL

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